iGes iBench - Sensomedia


Our innovative solutions are not merely spectacular, but transform public places into interactive, intelligent, digital oases. Smart Bench is our company’s new dimensional product,draws attention by its high quality, impressive design and outstanding inbuilt technology. The iBench is a breathtaking spectacle in every circumstance, due to the integrated LED lights.

Outdoor Information Tower

Digital infocommunication integration for cities and tourism. The Outdoor Info Terminal has stainless steel and vandal-proof housing with tempered glass structure. Information is available in different languages.

Benefits of the iGes iBench - Sensomedia Outdoor Information Tower:
  • High stability, non-corrosive housing,
  • Robust and vandal-proof structure,
  • Resistant against weather conditions,
  • Long term, 24/7 operation even under extreme circumstances,
  • Online manageable digital system,
  • High brightness ( even in daylight) industrial display,
  • Integrated USB connectors for charging phones, tablets, notebooks,
  • IFree WiFi point for the population and tourists,
  • Inbuilt bicycle pump.