Xinhua news agency has written an article about New Wave Investment Ltd. and iGas LLC.

Scritto da Lengyel Bálint

The CEO of our company, Marczali Tamás PhD has given several interviews about our product, the iGas fuel dispenser unit.

Besides presenting the main functions of the prototype, Mr. Tamás emphasized that without the strong cooperation of China and Hungary, this innovative new technology – which has good chance to be a key step in reforming refueling technology – could not have been successful. Among others, the biggest Chinese news agency, Xinhua Wang has interviewed Mr. Tamás about the iGas refueling station and the goals of our company. The articles of Xinhua news agency are read by several million people throughout China – we hope that thanks to this interview, information about our newly developed product can spread even further in the country. Apart from Xinhua Wang, other news agencies have also made interviews about the product, such as the Ningbo evening paper, but the official website of the trade expo has also written about iGas LLC., and the Ningbo local television has broadcasted a short video recording in the evening news.