The first prototype of the iGas e-Mini has been completed

Scritto da Kovács József

We are pleased to announce that by finishing the new electric recharging unit’s prototype, the iGes e-Mini digital recharging station, our company has reached another important milestone.

The development process, which took approximately one year, has finally borne fruit, and we have created the first, fully digital, touch-sensitive electric recharging station.

The biggest advantage of the new product is its cost and space-saving design, its operation fully complies with relevant safety regulations, it requires minimal maintenance and operates in a highly cost-effective way.

This new EV charging station is equipped with Type1 and Type2 charging connectors, but it is also capable of recharging vehicles that have their own charging cables.

The full recharge of the electric cars – dependent on the parameters of the battery – can be done in 1 to 3 hours.

A further advantage of the charging station is that its touchscreen is showing advertisements both during rest and use.