From February 1, 2017, our new iGes e-Mini unit embarks on its journey

written by Kovács József

After the successful testing and licensing process, on February 1, 2017, the sale of the iGes e-Mini will begin for the Hungarian market.

The developers leave an extremely challenging, but even more successful period behind, as the development, testing and licensing phase – which took almost a full year – is finally successfully finished, and from the next month, the iGes e-Mini recharging unit will be available in Hungary, and the sale and mass production will soon begin.

The main unique feature of our innovative product is the touchscreen, which allows it to communicate with the customers in an interactive way, and to show well positioned advertisements in standby mode and also during use.

With regard to the great interest attracted by our product, we are accepting pre-orders, to help optimize the production efficiency and the timely shipment.

In the meantime, we are looking for potential cooperating partners for the Hungarian and international sale of the iGes e-Mini unit.